Your tongue can provide some insight into your overall health.

Dentists often check the tongue during routine dental exams for a few reasons:

  1. To assess overall oral health: The tongue can provide important information about a person’s overall oral health. For example, a healthy tongue is typically smooth and pink in color, while an unhealthy tongue may be swollen, discolored, or covered in bumps or patches.
  2. To identify potential issues: Checking the tongue can help dentists identify potential issues such as thrush, an oral yeast infection; oral cancer; or other conditions that may affect the tongue.
  3. To check for signs of dehydration: The tongue can also provide information about a person’s hydration status. A dry, sticky tongue can be a sign of dehydration.

Overall, checking the tongue is an important part of a routine dental exam and can provide important information about a person’s oral and overall health. If a dentist notices any unusual changes or abnormalities during a tongue examination, they may recommend further evaluation or treatment.

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