Teeth Whitening

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Professional Teeth Whitening

The older you get, the more your teeth naturally discolour from aging, beverages, medications, and more. At Escarpment View Dental we offer professional teeth whitening that can restore your smile to the glowing, youthful smile you remember having when you were younger, or we can create a brand new smile! Professional teeth whitening completed in our office is fast and safe with instant results and a whiter smile for everyone. We even offer options for sensitive teeth and younger patients.

We can achieve more consistent results, in less time and with less of an investment then over the counter products. We also provide a professional strength take home whitening system called the GO system with built in trays that don’t require impressions.

Why Do Teeth Become Discoloured?

While many people do not like the look of stained or discoloured teeth, there’s no reason to be hard on yourself about it! Most people’s teeth will see some natural discolouration from food, age, or other causes outside of our control. It’s a simple problem to fix, but you can also avoid further discolouration by avoiding:

    • Specific food and drinks: The most common way that teeth become stained is through exposure to certain foods and drinks. Acidic foods such as lemons wear away at your enamel and can result in darker looking teeth. Dark drinks containing tannins (such as coffee and red wine) can also stain your teeth.
    • Medications: Certain medications are known to stain teeth as a side effect. While doctors tend to avoid these now that they are known to stain teeth, sometimes they are unavoidable.
    • Trauma: If you’ve had an accident that damaged your teeth then they may become discolored due to trauma itself, or from a subsequent dental treatment that was provided to save the tooth. For example, root canal treated teeth can be discolored over time. In this situation we can offer whitening directly into the tooth as well as outside the tooth.
    • Age: Everyone’s teeth get discolored naturally with age. The inner part of the tooth gets to be thicker with age and gives the tooth more saturated yellow and brown shades. People with whiter teeth may be perceived as younger for that very reason.

Our friendly staff can help you identify how your teeth have become discoloured or stained and will help you restore your youthful smile and show you how to avoid further stains.

Trust Your Dentist with Your Teeth Whitening!

Teeth WhiteningHome whitening solutions are now widely available, but they may not offer the consistency and safety that you’ll receive in a dental office. Many people considering teeth whitening are worried that their teeth will look unnatural after the treatment, but our professional team has the experience needed to ensure a natural and consistent result. You may also be worried that the whitening method you are using will undermine your enamel or your overall oral health. At Escarpment View Dental you can trust that we will help you choose the best method for you to ensure a safe and effective treatment with predictable results.

For our patients we often recommend a one-visit whitening treatment using the ZOOM visible light system. With our guidance, you can safely use effective teeth whitening solutions like the GO system in the comfort of your own home. Whitening may take multiple treatments, so this at-home solution is very convenient for some patients.

Another reason to choose our professional team for teeth whitening is that colour might not be the only concern with your teeth. We can also help you improve the look of your smile with other cosmetic dental services including repair of chips, gaps and correcting the shape issues of your teeth, so that you get the best end result possible. We’ll help you achieve a smile that you enjoy sharing with others!

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The staff at Escarpment View Dental are dedicated to providing professional teeth whitening services and the best customer service possible. You can trust our team to brighten your smile, and your day!


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